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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dollhouse 2 Makeover...

Hi everyone...thank you for your comments and for joining my blog. I wish I have done this sooner, was always apprehensive about blogging thought it was more technical, but its so easy and fun. I love sharing my dollhouses with you...still have the big polly house to finish, I am having a hard time finding cool gift wrap paper to use as wallpaper, I may have to print something off the computer or just do different paint techniques.

I took some more pictures of the second dollhouse I made for my niece...after the little makeover I gave it. My niece wanted more rooms for her polly pockets. So I decided to do the master bedroom and new stairs too. The stairs before were made with skinny popsicle sticks and the only think holding it together is the glue and paint, so I removed them and constructed a new staircase with cardboard and paper mache. I wanted to add railings but it would be too tight for my niece to play with her dolls in the livingroom. So check out the movie and my other movies on my Youtube channel and please send me your comments, my niece and I love reading them. 

Thank you for watching and have a great week!

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