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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

School House Tour - The Lounge

Hey everyone, I hope you're all having fun on your March break. Here is another tour of one of the rooms inside Skull Academy. This is one of my favourite rooms.

The Lounge (before)

Here are pictures of the cardboard state of the school house, I wish I took more pictures but these are the only ones I got until I started decorating it. This was suppose to be a living room at first until we decided to make it a school house instead of a dollhouse.

When I made this school house, we always thought about making movies, but here and there, we never thought Skull Academy would come this far with almost 70 episodes done already, it has become more like a soap opera. We are so grateful to all our viewers who watch, rate, share and comment on our videos. 

So if I was making the house now, knowing about the Skull Academy show, I would have made a few changes to the school house. One change that I could change without causing a whole lot of mess is removing this paper towel pole, lets call it the pillar. It got in the way of a lot of the scenes we were filming for the show. So I removed it from the lounge and the classroom. It made a big gap in the floor, so I paper mached and painted it again to fix it, and you can't even notice something was there.

I crossed my fingers the whole house wouldn't fall a part...just kidding, I made sure I tested it before removing the pillars. And it looks so much better. If you're making this and are using two boxes on top of each other instead of strips of cardboard then don't worry about adding the pillar.


So a few things changed in this room, I continued with the wallpaper and stripes on both side walls, new rug, plus new legs on the coffee table. I also added a little skeleton head on a piece of  wood and glued it to the wall. Can you see the outside background. That was the background I made for the show scenes, and it works great as a background to the schoolhouse, plus its the parking lot and park...who know's maybe a few of the characters will go camping too. 

The vase was a spray bottle lid, I wrapped scrap paper around it and a black piece of pipe cleaner around the rim. The coffee table is a piece of cardboard and I added craft sticks all around it, painted it silver and added clothes pins I took apart as legs for the table, a lot more sturdy.


The couch was made with sponges, cardboard and the material you see covering it. The cushion is a flower. I wanted to soften up the room. The lighting is a pine cone I painted white. I love how it looks.

Thank you for stopping by...the next rooms on our tour will be the new dorms. The rooms are fairly new but have already gone through a lot of changes.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!You can bet I will be spending a lot of time here with and without my grands! LOL

    1. Hi thank you so much :) please come back often...:)))

  2. hi dear,
    wow what a lovely pic...its luking totaly dreamy ....thanks for sharing this wonderful pics...:)
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    1. Thank you for visiting my blog, I love making these houses for my niece.



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