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Monday, April 29, 2013

Only 6 days until deadline...yikes!

Uh oh, only 6 days until the dollhouse contest deadline...I'm starting to panic. I did make some progress this weekend but not enough I think. I am still kicking myself for leaving this for the last minute. Below are pictures of what the rooms look like now, I have dressed them up a bit but still not sure how to finish them off. I pulled all my supplies from my shelf and laid it in front of me to figure out what to do.

I got a lot of these items from garage sales, the building blocks in the tray has be my
my favourite find...I made a lot of doll stuff using the blocks and now my supply is running low.

The kitchen is still not done, but at least I figured out what to do about
the fridge, I got a few building blocks and it works perfectly...whew, I thought
I was going to have to make something scratch. I'm think black cabinets, I have
a black plastic basket that is broken and I thought these would be
perfect for cabinets...I just hope its easy to cut and won't crack. I want to magnetize the
back so the cabinets can open, using the black plastic will hide the magnet.

I made shelves, table under tv, tv used to be the coffee table
but I wasn't happy with it, it was too dark with the couch, so I made another one
and I love it. I think there is too much birch-like furniture so I'm thinking
of painting shelves black with silver feet.  I definitely need an area rug too.

My favourite piece this weekend has to be the baby's still not finished, I have
to paper mache the bottom, paint it, then add some feet to it.

The bathroom...mmm...have no idea what to do with it...
not sure if I should paint the vanity...but then there will be too much white...
should I add wallpaper, I don't have anything right now that will look 
good in there...not sure what colour to paint it...urgh, oh yah and
I still need to make a toilet....lots of late nights this week.

All the furniture for the bedrooms is built, I just have to paint it, except the beds, 
I need to paper mache the bottoms. 

I love how the headboard turned out.

I would love to have curtains too but not sure if I'll have time.

Please tell me what you think so far. 


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