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Sunday, March 25, 2012

How to Make Miniature Dollhouse Desk

Below is a tutorial of how to make a dollhouse desk.
I wish I done more today, but couldn't get into it, I wanted to have the office chair and accessories done too, hopefully I will work on it next Sunday. My niece is getting anxious for this house to be done she wants to create more movies for Youtube, and so do I, now that I found this movie maker, I want to try to create some still motion videos.  I know there's alot of work to be done, especially work I'm not looking forward too like the closet doors...not sure if I should do wire or use magnets...the magnets would have to be powerful so when the top part (2nd floor) is closed, the closets and its contents won't fall. So I'm thinking it will have to be the wire and popsicle sticks. I will also post the how to's for the closet doors.
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Materials needed, wood skewers, popsicle sticks and tupperware..all bought from Dollarama.

Measure skewer sticks to the height you need for your dolls, this desk works for all dolls, Polly Pockets, Monster High Dolls and even American Girl dolls, just make sure you measure and scale it out.
 Cut 8 pieces for the legs

Now cut the rest of your pieces...popsicle sticks will be the shelves...

Now start glueing your pieces together, if you want to paint the wood, 
paint it now. I left it natural.

Cut the tupperware into a rectangular piece for the top of your bases.

I used the dining chair for the picture. I wish I was blogging at the time, I didn't
take any pictures of the chair being made. The base and back is cardboard then paper mache.
Painted blue, because I had some old wall paint and didn't want to do white again. The legs are the mini plastic forks you find at dollar stores.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dollhouse 2 Makeover...

Hi everyone...thank you for your comments and for joining my blog. I wish I have done this sooner, was always apprehensive about blogging thought it was more technical, but its so easy and fun. I love sharing my dollhouses with you...still have the big polly house to finish, I am having a hard time finding cool gift wrap paper to use as wallpaper, I may have to print something off the computer or just do different paint techniques.

I took some more pictures of the second dollhouse I made for my niece...after the little makeover I gave it. My niece wanted more rooms for her polly pockets. So I decided to do the master bedroom and new stairs too. The stairs before were made with skinny popsicle sticks and the only think holding it together is the glue and paint, so I removed them and constructed a new staircase with cardboard and paper mache. I wanted to add railings but it would be too tight for my niece to play with her dolls in the livingroom. So check out the movie and my other movies on my Youtube channel and please send me your comments, my niece and I love reading them. 

Thank you for watching and have a great week!

Friday, March 16, 2012

How to Make Draculaura's Coffin Bed

Hi I got a request from my youtube video on how to make the 
bed coffins for Draculaura.

First thing I did was look on line to find my shape 
for the coffins. Cut out your cardboard, I used my niece's Draculaura 
to measure the length and width...I could have made it smaller
because their bodies are time...


Once your cardboard is cut and glued...start paper mache

Now start your painting once your paper mache is completely dry
and now the fun part...bling it up...

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

George Nelson Marshmallow Sofa

The playful Marshmallow sofa is a landmark of modern design that's still turning heads and making people smile. This sofa is one of the earliest manifestations of Pop Art in furniture design. Its unique form makes it one of the few truly unconventional sofas in design history. The basic version consists of 18 individual round cushions mounted on transverse braces in the seat and back. A connecting element makes it possible to join individual sofas together, extending the length as desired.
Design Story
When the Marshmallow sofa was introduced in 1956, the Herman Miller catalog described it as "The first of a series of pieces embodying a new concept in soft seating. We feel that it has possible use not only in the home, but in contract use for lobbies in public buildings where the very fact that it is unusual will be a plus."
The catalog also said, "Despite its astonishing appearance, this piece is very comfortable."

Designed by Irving Harper and George Nelson, the sofa was reintroduced by Herman Miller after a 34-year hiatus in 1999.

George Nelson
How to make Dollhouse version of the Marshmallow Sofa

My version of the Marshmallow Sofa designed by George Nelson.
MATERIALS NEEDED: small styrofoam balls, soft leather, I used an old pair of gloves, skewers,


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Polly Pocket Home Makeover (Room Addition)

 The master bedroom above went through a couple of changes, I changed the paint colour, made it brighter.
Added the fan...and a new closet...I have added a closet door since this picture, but couldn't find any pictures and house is at my nieces.

And below is the loft I split in half and made two seperate bedrooms, bedroom on left has a closet, again there is a door now but no pics.

Thank you for visiting my blog and for all your comments. They inspire me. I was suppose to work on furniture for new bigger Polly Pocket house but couldn't get into the mood so I decided to post some of these pics instead. I will be working on a new 'Marshmallow sofa' designed by George Nelson, and will also attempt to make his Ball clock next weekend and will post, only if they turn out, oh what the hec, I'll post even if they don't....maybe...thank you. Bye for now.


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