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Dollhouse No.2

This is the second house I made for my niece. I love how it turned out. Made with cardboard and paper mache. I only used one layer of cardboard, but used more in some places. I actually made two of these houses at the same time, one for my niece and the other for her cousin. Both houses are very similar, but I didn't take pics of it, kicking myself now, it was before I got into YouTube and blogging, now I can't believe I didn't do this sooner.

Above is the house before, I made some renovations, my niece wanted a third bedroom for the Polly teenager. So again I couldn't say no, for me its also a challenge. Dag nammit I wish I took more pictures of the process.

I also added closets in this room and the master bedroom.

The youger kids room.

The Master Bedroom

The Bathroom. I know I know the potted plant is really big.

The Kitchen

The Livingroom

The stairs are new too. Check out the before picture above, they were really flimsy. I love how they turned out. I know it needs a railing, but there's no room for it. This house is officially done. It's at my nieces house anyways. I will post more pics later.



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