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Dollhouse No.3

Polly House 2
This is the third house I made for my niece. My inspiration was the tiny Polly Pocket houses. I made a small town for my niece with these houses, and we loved playing with them so I though why not make one for her bigger Polly Pocket dolls.

This house was made with two layers of cardboard. It needs alot of work now, some of the paint is falling off, I would like to add some curtains, and lots of other little things have to be done. I'll get to it one day, but right now I have other projects on the go and of course I do have a business to run that has nothing to do with these houses.

The Livingroom
Mostly everything in this picture was made using cardboard and paper mache.

The shelves are made with craft sticks and the books are playdoh.
The lamp is made with beads, ribbon and gems.

I may fix this house up for next years Dollhouse needs a lot of work.
New furniture, new flooring, the list goes on. 

The Kitchen

Maybe I'll add another layer of cardboard to make ti stronger.
Remove the kitchen shelves, didn't turn out like I wanted.

 The Second Floor

Check out house no.4 it is bigger and better than this house.

The Teenager's Bedroom

 The Master Bedroom

The Bathroom

Ok so tell me what you think, should I make a new house for the dollhouse contest or just take this one and make it stronger and better? Please leave a comment on this page.


  1. the girls room is soooo beautiful :D

    1. thank no. 4 is alot bigger...I am going to enter in a dollhouse contest, I have until May to finish it. I hope you will vote for me.

  2. can you make a review of all the houses you made on youtube?PLEASE!!!!

    1. what do you mean by review.... i only have a few of the houses here, Lola has one at home....



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