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Mini Dollhouse

Lola's Mini Polly House
I made my niece this house for her mini Polly Pockets...I wasn't really happy with it, that's probably why I wanted to make a bigger one for the regular sized Polly's. Not very much detail. Made with cardboard, paper mache, sandpaper, play doh. I do love the pool. Sorry a bit dusty, didn't realize how dusty until I posted the pictures...and didn't feel like taking them again, I will take better pictures soon, since we have a new scenery background and I think my photo taking skills have definitely improved since taking these pictures.  


I didn't really spend too much time on this, maybe I will go back and add more to it, I feel I've learned a lot since finishing this house.






I used a flat white paint, that is one lesson I learned making these paper mache houses, high gloss paint is a lot better or at least covering it with a coat of clear high gloss top coat.

The family doesn't seem to mind. They are so tiny.



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