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Dollhouse No.1

Lola's First Dollhouse
I made this house for my niece when she was about four years old. It was done very quickly. Not very much detail. I love how the outside turned out, but not the inside. This was before I started using paper mache for the houses. Just cardboard and paint. The roof is sandpaper. The door doesn't open. She loved playing with it anyways.

Eek, I can't even look at the stairs. It only took me about a week and I only worked on it an 
hour or two at the most each night.

Since this picture was taken, I added another room, just above the livingroom for the kids.

 Eek, do you see the cardboard, I didn't glue the master bedroom to the box,
it was easier to store away. This is why I like using paper mache now in my new dollhouses.
Check them out.


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