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Please send us pics of your home-made doll projects and we will post them here. We are so excited to see your work. 


Beautiful bunk bed made by Instagrammer Hello12st


Wow, check out the awesome bunk bed that YouTuber funkymusician24 made, she lives in the USA. I love it, now I want to paint mine white too. Awesome job!!!


YouTuber Anissa Chavda's dad made her these awesome coffins for her dolls.  You did an amazing job!!

I think Draculaura and Draculily are jealous of your
coffin bed.


This awesome room was made by monsterscreativity.
We love it and thank you for the message...have you tried subscribing again?


YouTuber RainbowBacon100 sent us these wonderful 
pictures of her dollhouse. Great job! 


This awesome bunk bed is from YouTuber simz crafts who is 11 and from Hong Kong. We love it, you did an amazing job.


This beautiful house was made by
YouTuber smileygirl138 from the USA, it is sooooo beautiful.
You did an amazing job.


Thank you so much Jessica, we love your crafts.
Please send us more!

Youtuber jessica bahena  Age 27  Country US, Spring Texas

 Materials used I dont know what half the stuff is called but I found them at Hobby Lobby and some,at Family Dollar.. I used bead wire, beads, eyepins, and the circle things(lamp shades) are from hobby lobby in bead section..

The long beaded sticks(lamps) still need the cardstock =) I made perfume bottles too.. We are making furniture first since the boxes I planned on using were no good...


This awesome car is from Riley...thank you Riley!
great job! Riley is 10 and from the USA This is the Blue's car. Lagoona is driving, Oceana is in the middle, and Aquaria is in the back.

Here is another great craft from Riley, 
a beautiful doll room. We love it. You are an awesome crafter!
 Clawdeen is on the top, Cleo is on the bottom bunk, and  Meowlody is on the bed. <3

Another great did an amazing job, I love the coffins!


This beautiful doll craft came from YouTuber MHkittycat27
she is 10 years old and lives in England. 
You did an amazing job!


This awesome doll coffin is from YouTuber SkyElekta...
we love it!


Check out these beautiful scenes by Sophie B. who is 12 and is from Bella Vista, Arkansas. 

She is truly talented and creative. I love these scenes and we can't wait to see more 
from you. Lola's Polly Pockets are jealous and want to move to your house. 
We love how you put it all together, the sofa is amazing, and we love love the lamp. 
We also love the wallpaper you used.

I love this scene here, you thought of everything, we are so impressed.

This is so cool, we can't wait to see more of your Hunger Games props...Lola and I loved watching the movie, we can't wait for the new one, and we're also excited about see your version of it.

Thank you so much SophieB for sending us your pictures. 
You should make some tutorial videos on your scenes and Hunger Games stuff.
Let us know when you do, we'll be the first ones to watch. 

Check out these beautiful laptops and tv...

I'm 31 and Xel-Ha is 8 (pronounced "shell-ha").  We made these after Christmas when she was visiting me in Japan.  I currently live back in San Diego right now. My Youtube handle is woodybh



  1. i will try to post pictures of my Hunger Games dolls and send them to you. Your school and dorm helped a lot with the Capitol tribute rooms. thx so much!!!!

  2. cool, that is so good to hear, i can't wait to see it, i'm getting excited !! i will post it here when you send your pics if thats ok with you :)

    1. Do i need to give you my youtube name or something before you can post or do you want more pictures of everything? -Sophie

    2. hey Sophie, I just posted your pics here, your mom said I could use your name but it would be better to use your YouTube name so people can go to your channel. Thank you. Love the pictures...I could say this all day...:)

    3. Thanks for posting the pictures! I don't know if I'll be able to do tutorials for YouTube yet but I'll try to do some videos and send you more pictures. -Sophie

    4. You're welcome, thank you for sending them to us, your scenes are amazing.
      Great, I can't wait to see what you do are really good at this.

    5. I haven't commented in a while, sorry about that... Life is soooooo busy. I'm glad for spring break to be rolling around :) So during the time when I sent you those pics and now, I've gotten done a redo on Katniss's room, finally, there was only a crummy bed that collapsed right after I took the picture in the first one, a kitchen, an office, the office was so hard, I made an iPad, computer monitor and keyboard, stand-on-the-ground lamp, beanbag chair, sturdy desk chair, desk, window, painting, lamp for the desk, and travel coffee cup. And lets not even mention the walls and wallpaper! A horse tack room and stall with a loft for the mini dolls, like littlest pet shop and Polly pocket. Then a walk-in closet with some health and beauty items. I've made weapons, actually only two, a blender, a coffee system for the kitchen, I found out how to make a simple binder, and two tardis. Busy week! :) -Sophie

    6. WOWOWOWOW, I can't wait to see your new stuff, you are soooo creative.

    7. YouTube name- this took so long, and I'm sorry about that, but my friend and I decided to wait on the show until summer. We are currently working on the Dark Woods of Cleventon, and the trailer is on YouTube by livinontheedge. -Sophie

    8. Hi Sophie, I just tried entering that name in the YouTube search bar but it didn't come up and I couldn't find it??

  3. THX! i really have just started on this thing. i decided to do the outfits first, but i planned the rest of the rooms. Today i was working on Clove's interview outfit. i ended up doing a simple strapless purple dress that i plan to add some jewelry and shoes to. -Sophie

    1. Wow, sounds like you're really working hard on this, I am getting excited and can't wait to see it.

  4. i'm going to try and see if i can send you some pictures of the two dresses that i made and the pair of pants and all the polly pocket fashions and furniture i made before i got Liv dolls. Thx for the encouragement, you inspired me in the first place! -Sophie

    1. Cool, i can't wait to see it, i love seeing doll crafts...thank you so much, you inspire me too :)

  5. I never did really start to make my monster high house well im starting ill send u a pic of what i have so far

  6. Cool, I can't wait to see it :)

  7. Hi, I dont really do a lot of doll crafts (Because I never have the time), but i just love it when i watch other people craft. And I love your webshow: Skull academy its funny, dramatic and awesome! :D I love your crafts


  8. Can I send you some pictures of my cardboard and Popsicle stick dollhouse. It looks a lot like your monster high dollhouse



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