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Mini Town

Lola's Mini Town
This is one of the first things I made for my niece, this is actually the second town, the first town was completely made out of cardboard, we didn't have any of these little houses or accessories, the houses we used were not really houses, just the front of them, it did have a really cool bridge. I wish I took pictures of it. We used to have so much fun playing with it, I wanted to make a bigger one, especially since I found all these cool mini Polly Pocket houses, people at a garage sale and then we were hooked. I went to the hardware store, they were actually going to throw away this big piece of cardboard, its not really cardboard it is a lot stronger, I don't know exactly what the material is. So I started painting it and we had many many hours of fun. I love how the little dolls fit in the cars.

The town is getting crowded, so many new stores opened up, new homes being built.

The town has a gas station and a church.

The castle was used for parties like weddings and special events.
I think at one point the mayor lived there too.

So since the town was getting crowded we need more space.

I added a section for all the stores and restaurants, we even have a drive thru restaurant.

And there is a beach too.

There are more pictures, we have another section with more homes, we call it the country.

Right now its all put away, it takes up a lot of space. I do want to put it all together, clean it up and take more pictures...another thing on my to do list.



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    1. Thank you Roma, this is really one of the first things I made for my niece...I am actually her Godmother... I made an early one with cardboard, it was not very good but we had fun playing with it, she was like 3 years old... it did have a cool bridge, I wish I took pictures.

  2. Oh! How cute! Wow, how do you even have time to make all this stuff? It took me so long to finally master the stove! I'm Sophie, and I am officially a fan of yours now. I don't normally go around looking for random doll websites, but i stumbled upon this and it's AWSOME! I'll be working on making more of those dollhouses! My mother will not allow any 12 inch dolls except for Liv and Faithqirlz. Liv is great and i play with them often, but Faithgirlz are very sqeaky and not very bendable. So i play with Polly Pockets. Have you ever tried to do the laundry room? i would suggest to try that because it's one of my favorite rooms!

    1. thank you so much, i mostly do my crafts on sundays, sometimes i'll spend an hour or two during the week, i wish i could do it full-time, but i also have a business i run... we love polly pockets....the the liv dolls are cute, we don't like barbies that don't bend, they're like statues.. laundry room, no i haven't, but i would definitely like to try it out...thank you so much for your comments...:) have you entered our big doll giveaway, we are giving away 2 monster high dolls to 2 must be our youtube channel subscriber to: gingerlola2011 and a subscriber to at least one of our blogs, for more chances to win subscribe to all 3...thank you :))))))

  3. i have two dolls and a doll house of the same brand. a boy and girl.



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