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Friday, August 30, 2013

How to Make Doll Beauty Products

New Episode of 
Lola's Simple Tutorials 
is Up Now!

Hey guys! A new episode of Lola's Simple Tutorials is up now on our YouTube channel! Please watch it and tell us what you think! :D

Thank you so much :)

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dress Transformation for Rochelle's Big Date

Rochelle's Dress Makeover
Hey everyone, I just finished working on Rochelle's new dress for the big date scene at Lola's Bistro. The new episode of Skull Academy will be premiering the dress but I wanted to give our blog subscribers a sneak peak. 


Here is the before picture of the dress, I'm not sure if it came
with a bratz or barbie doll, but it was too big for Monster High doll
Rochelle Goyle.

I have very little experience with its not perfect. I removed
the old velcro, only one side....

I sewed on another piece of velcro, after folding the piece of
fabric together to make it smaller, I didn't have white so 
I used black velcro.  


I also removed the ribbon belt and made a new one using leather pieces.
The straps are also leather.

I added a little bling to the belt and velcro, its not attached
to the dress so Rochelle can wear it with other outfits.

The back is a bit messy but it still works...I'll have to make sure you only
see the front of the dress on the show :)

I also added more tulle because the dress was just too short. 


Do you like Rochelle's dress, tell us what you think 
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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Hello my dahlings, did you know that Lola, 
from GingerLola is on instagram and she
would love to speak to you our viewers. 
So if you have an instagram account, go
to her page and follow her and you can ask her 
questions about our shows.
She would love to hear from you.
I vould really appreciate it if you go there 
right now and follow.

follow @irishdancegurl12
on instagram.

Thank you


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