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Sunday, October 27, 2013

What you're missing :)

Hey everyone, have you entered our big giveaway yet? All you have to do is subscribe to all our doll related blogs, so simple and free! Once you subscribe and remain a subscriber, you will be entered in all our future draws without doing a thing. 

All our tutorials have been moved to the Ginger's Doll Size Tutorials blog...

We want this blog, Lola's Mini Homes blog be just about the dollhouses, 
with lots of dollhouse pics and tours. 

Please send us pictures of your dollhouses, it doesn't have to be homemade, show us how you decorate the store bought dollhouses too!

Here is what you missed from our other blog postings this past week if you're not a subscriber.

Thank you for stopping by, please vote for our site for top 100 doll sites on the right hand side
of this page, just look for Barbie. 


Thursday, October 10, 2013

How to Win Prizes !

Our Biggest Giveaway Ever!
We are so excited to be announcing our biggest giveaway so far. We love all our YouTube viewers
and we want to share with your our blogs and would love it if you became our friend and subscribed 
to all our doll related blogs. Each blog offers something different, please tell us what you think of the
blogs and any suggestions you may have to make it better for you. 

To thank you for subscribing and becoming a friend...we want to giveaway
3 big prize packages to thank you. I wish we had one for every one of you, but unfortunately we
only have 3. We will be doing giveaways all the time, and once you are a subscriber and a friend, you will
be entered automatically in every draw. Plus if you subscribe and become a friend to all the blogs,
you get a lot more chances of winning a prize. 

If we pick your name twice...
you win twice!

For more information check out the 'giveaway' 
tab under the header on this page.

Thank you for subscribing & becoming a friend 


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New Dollhouse Contest

I'm so excited, The Undersized Urbanite Dollhouse Contest has started. I have given myself a crazy challenge. Build 2 dollhouse before May 2014. I haven't even started yet, just in the planning stage
now, this is what I have planned so far. I want to dollhouses to look like dollhouses, but I also
need to make it easy for filming a new doll series we're creating. Wish me luck :)
Subscribe to the blog and I'll keep you posted.

Check out the ....urgh, computer is acting up right now...I will update this
post with more information about the contest... maybe you can enter too :)


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