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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fashion Package Giveaway Winner!

Youtuber Emilia Isaksson who is also one of our instagram friends eppuemilia
from Finland won the 'fashion' package and has received her prizes. 
Thank you for sending us your pictures, we are so happy you love your prizes!

Enter our new giveaway and you could win a doll bunk bed.

Thank you :)

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not another one, but I can't help it :)

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Boy's Dorm Room Pics

Here is more pics of the new boys dorm room at Skull Academy. 



The only big change is the new bunk bed. Moved Vampiro's bed to the other side and 
had to remove the ottoman. 

Oh and I almost forgot, the new bedspreads. I wanted to get the same
fabric as the before picture, I love the skull heads, but I could not find the fabric anywhere or 
anything similarr, the mustache fabric were actually bandanas. 



Friday, February 7, 2014

Dorm Room Makeover

Hello everyone, have you seen the new boys dorm room, I changed the wallpaper, you can see in the 'before' pictures why I did it. I used shelf paper for the walls, bad idea, I didn't glue it, I just used the adhesive behind the paper but didn't turn out so good. 


I removed the shelf paper and glued on wallpaper, looks so much better now.
The dorm room will have more changes, I'm building a new bunk bed because
new students are moving into the boy's dorm room. I will post the new pictures
once the room is done.



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