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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Monster High dollhouse finally finished

Hi everyone....thank you for joining my blog...
Monster High dollhouse 'Skull Academy'

The inside and outside, my niece and I are calling it 'Skull Academy' school for smart monsters.
House took me about 6 weekends....worked on it about 10 hours each weekend.

Made out of cardboard boxes, paper mache, and alot of household items.

The classroom....desks are cardboard, styrofoam and paper mache....
Real whiteboard.

The lounge for monsters to hang out. Sofa made with cardboard, sponges, and an old sweat suit (didn't tell my niece that)...that I never used, ok I used it once and I felt ridiculous... Lighting is a pine cone painted white....and there is even a vending machine with scary monster treats. Table made with popsicle sticks, cardboard and plastic mini forks for legs.

  The girls dorm room.... Curtains is an old scarf I had... chandeliers, beads and wire, you can find tutorial on an earlier post. Wallpaper and stripes from scrapbook paper from Dollarama... Red box from Value Village... Bedspreads and rugs all hand knitted by my mom. Lamps I'm not too happy with, they turned out really nice but I wish I had more time to paper mache the base instead I took a shortcut and used tin foil to cover a styrofoam ball...used wire and beads.

The boys dorm room...headboard, leather taken from an old daytimer I took apart plus cardboard.
I found the curtains material from an old halloween witch hat.

The bathroom... The tub was a great find from Value Village.
The vanity is an 'ounce' class and I built around it with styrofoam...paper mache
The toilet is not the best but it works...well actually it doesn't work (flush)... curtains...material taken from an umbrella. Can you see the toilet paper roll...made with bead, wire and real toilet paper.

Another girls dorm room, wallpaper is a gift bag from Dollarama. Coffins are made with cardboard, paper mache, beads, and leather string. Curtains...chiffon scarf.

And finally the balcony. Bench is made with sponge, cardboard and velvet.
Cushions are from and old powder buffer, cut into square and glued together.
Mini forks....

Now its time to finish the Polly Pocket house and boutique.

Thank you for visiting.


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