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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Can anyone tell me how much this is worth?


  Quail Egg Shell Tea Set

I found this beautiful Quail Egg Shell Tea Set at a garage sale last week...
for only 50 cents! Do you believe it. I was trying to find out how much these are worth, because I know they must be worth something, but I couldn't find any information online, I did find a site but they wanted me to 
pay for the info??

So if anyone knows anything about this, please share and 
I will post the info here.

You can tell the artist took time and imagination to create this beautiful set. One of the cups is cracked but I don't want to throw it away. I am thinking of using it in the Monster High Dollhouse for the characters to use during our movies. But when they're not in use, I want to protect them, so I'm going to start looking for some kind of glass container to display the set...maybe at garage sales next week, I'll get lucky.

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Who knows maybe next week I'll find a teradactyl egg. :)


  1. Me parece incleíble ese juego de café.
    Felicidades por tan bonito trabajo.
    Feliz domingo.
    Mil besos...Julia.

  2. I have the same set in brown. They are so fragile! I've broken a cup or two. I actually found one like it on eBay, broken for around 20.00 plus shipping, but the auction had ended. I'd be interested in a value, too! I only paid $.50.

  3. Same person as above! Just found a partial set that matches mine so I can replace the broken piece...

    It seems a broken set goes for about $15 or so.

  4. Wow, thank you so much, I definitely got a deal... I knew they were worth something, they are so beautiful and fragile.



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