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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another Great Garage Sale Find

Another great garage sale find. I found two of these old mirrors made from Italy.
I'm thinking of painting them silver and hanging them in the Monster High house.

I love garage sales, I'm finding alot of great stuff this year, especially for my mini dollhomes.
Can't wait till next weekend.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Big Polly Pocket Dollhouse Makeover

I finally started working on the Polly house again. I was not happy with a few things, the bathroom, the closet doors, the fridge and mainly the floors. I stopped liking the shelf paper effect, it was fine for the smaller house, but I want to make this house stand out from the rest. I found some dollhouse pics with popsicle flooring stained and I love how it looks, so I am going to do the same. I never liked how the fridge turned out either so I'm making a separate fridge and glueing it once its done, and will only have cupboards on one side, and maybe a shelf beside the fridge.

Here are the 'before' pictures...

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Have a great day!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

How to Make Monster High Doll Birthday Hat

Hello, and welcome to my new friends. 

It was my niece's birthday this week, so as a surprise I made a birthday video for her using the Monster High dolls and her mom and dad, grandparents, great-grandmother and myself.
Check it out here:

I made some birthday hats and of course you need a birthday cake.
Below is a quick tutorial on how to make birthday hats for dolls. They kind of look like wizard hats, but I like them and it works...and my niece liked them too.

The Birthday Party!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Survivor Monster High Props

My niece and I love watching Survivor, so we decided to do a short Survivor series with her Monster High Dolls. Below are the props I made for our new Survivor series. Check out our YouTube channel for the promo. We are going to try to have our first episode ready next week.

Mini Modern Contest

Check out the link below and please vote for me. I entered a mini modern contest, my first contest and hopefully not my last. I love creating these dollhouses and miniatures, at first I was making them for my niece, but I think I'm making them more for me now ...hee hee... starting the blog and getting comments from our YouTube videos and the blog inspires me to do more... I just wish I had more time to spend on this, I'm trying to spend an hour every night now, the polly house pictures from the website below is not even finished, I more or less staged it....shhhh I hope the judges don't see this.

I want to thank everyone who has commented or even just watched our videos and posts. I love sharing this with my niece. It's her birthday this week and I am surprising her with a birthday video hosted my her Monster High dolls and I think her Polly Pockets will make an appearance as well.

Check out our Birthday video on Friday.

So check out the link below, and vote for your favourite. I'm not feeling too confident about winning this, I'm just excited to be apart of it and that my.. I mean our doll homes are on another cool is that. The other participants are amazing.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Can anyone tell me how much this is worth?


  Quail Egg Shell Tea Set

I found this beautiful Quail Egg Shell Tea Set at a garage sale last week...
for only 50 cents! Do you believe it. I was trying to find out how much these are worth, because I know they must be worth something, but I couldn't find any information online, I did find a site but they wanted me to 
pay for the info??

So if anyone knows anything about this, please share and 
I will post the info here.

You can tell the artist took time and imagination to create this beautiful set. One of the cups is cracked but I don't want to throw it away. I am thinking of using it in the Monster High Dollhouse for the characters to use during our movies. But when they're not in use, I want to protect them, so I'm going to start looking for some kind of glass container to display the set...maybe at garage sales next week, I'll get lucky.

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Who knows maybe next week I'll find a teradactyl egg. :)


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