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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to Make Monster High Dorm Room part 1

Hi everyone, I hope you've been watching our web show 'Skull Academy', well this past week we got some new students so I had to make a new dorm room... I took lots of pictures this time, when I built the Monster High house, I didn't take too many pictures and so many people have asked how to make it.
So if you want to make the big house not just a room box, all you have to do is take these instructions x 5...meaning you'll be using 5 boxes, glue them together then paper mache.

I have about 4 layers of cardboard, this will make the house strong and will not warp when you add the paper mache layer.

But before you add the last two layers of cardboard, do any cutouts, I cut out a square so I can put light on the room.

Now, box is ready for paper mache, my favourite part :)
I don't like the process, but I like the result, that's why I do it.
Plus it makes the box stronger and better surface for painting.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dollhouse Update 4 of 4 the floors

Ok almost finished, I painted some coffee stir sticks and they are going to be my baseboards.

Now here is the finished look, I still have alot to do, make beds, furniture, decorating accessories, the kitchen and bathroom. I am so much happier spending time making those projects with this new floor.
Makes it worth it. I can't believe I used that awful plastic shelf paper.

I started this hardwood flooring project using white glue, I don't know why I thought it would be better than hot glue which I use all the time... after doing about a foot of flooring I started using the hot glue because it was alot faster, and then nucklehead me, forgot to sand the main floor, I sanded the second floor but urgh...forgot this one, and the glue didn't stick to the sticks that had the glue residue on it. I'm not going to worry about it now, because I have so many other projects to work on, but I will tackle it later, by sanding it well and re-doing the stain.

For now I will have to cover it with a rug (aka a bit of fabric).

Next on my to do list is the kitchen, not sure what I'm doing yet, I need to go to thrift stores, dollar stores and garage sales to find items that inspire me...

Thank you for visiting. :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dollhouse Update 3 of 4 the floors

Almost finished the floors...
I sanded the top floor and got it ready for staining.

I love the colour and how it looks.

Thank you for viewing my work,  I love sharing it with you. 
Welcome to my new friends...thank you for joinging.
I will post the finished floor in the next post.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Dollhouse Update 2 of 4 the floors

I started using white glue but taking too long to dry, so started using hot glue, wish I did sooner...I'll tell you why in the next posting. If you're going to work on this or a project like this..DO NOT USE WHITE me...don't...

I love how it looks, especially the second floor. I almost don't want to stain it...but with the stain applied it will look more like real hardwood flooring.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dollhouse Update 1 of 4 the floors

So after ripping out the shelf paper, refrigerator and shelves, I cleaned it up and started with the paper mache. I really didn't like how the fridge looked, and the floors looked really cheap, after all this work to the house I wanted to do it right.

I love the pepple wall but it was clashing with the wallpaper, and I love how the wallpaper looks too, so I decided to paint the pepple wall, I think I regret it already.

The bathroom wasn't working for me I ripped out the counter and I'm going to do something else with it...not sure what yet.

I want to welcome my new friends, thank you for joining, I will have more updates on this house in a few days. Have a great week!


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