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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to Make Monster High Dorm Room part 1

Hi everyone, I hope you've been watching our web show 'Skull Academy', well this past week we got some new students so I had to make a new dorm room... I took lots of pictures this time, when I built the Monster High house, I didn't take too many pictures and so many people have asked how to make it.
So if you want to make the big house not just a room box, all you have to do is take these instructions x 5...meaning you'll be using 5 boxes, glue them together then paper mache.

I have about 4 layers of cardboard, this will make the house strong and will not warp when you add the paper mache layer.

But before you add the last two layers of cardboard, do any cutouts, I cut out a square so I can put light on the room.

Now, box is ready for paper mache, my favourite part :)
I don't like the process, but I like the result, that's why I do it.
Plus it makes the box stronger and better surface for painting.

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  1. Hello from Spain: thank you for the tutorial to show the house of the Monsters. I try to make that house. Keep in touch



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