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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Garage Sale Tips

I love garage know what they say, one person's garbage is another person's treasure. I love spending Saturday mornings driving from neighbourhood to neighbourhood finding treasure.

My treasure hunts starts with miniatures and craft supplies, anything I can use for the dollhouses, and the Monster High school house that I make and props for our movies (check out our YouTube channel) ...and so far this summer I have found some really cool items (check out earlier posts).

I'm trying to find some really cool props for our 'Skull Academy' movies on YouTube.
Male barbies, they don't make many boy Monster High dolls, plus any thing I can find to use to decorate and build more dorm rooms. I'm also looking for cool stuff like sharks, dinosaurs, spiders, anything that can scare the ghouls and create some scarry stories. I love movies that have some kind of creature eating people and destroying the earth...a bit morbid?

Ok on with the tips, I feel that I'm a bit of an expert at going and having garages sales, I have had a few. So here is a few of my tips to help you.


  • Signs, lots and lots of signs, there's no sense having a sale if no one is going to be there. Put signs on all corners leading to your home, especially busy streets. But PLEASE... if you are putting signs on the right side of the street but your sale is a left turn, please please put signs before the turn so it gives the driver enough time to change lanes...if I miss a sign, I drive on to the next sign.
  • Make the signs BIG...the bigger the better, you don't need alot of text on your sign...just the date...most signs are not removed from posts and could be from an earlier weekend. So basically you just need the sale date, your street address, you don't need to add the number of your house just your street name and a big fat arrow...arrow is the most important...lead people to your sale, colour it in, make in neon, the arrow should be the most visible. I also like adding balloons or streamers to my signs so they attract attention of drivers. Nothing too flashy you don't want to cause any accidents. Don't use paper that flaps in the wind, bristol board is ok...but cut it so its not so big and will flap...
  • Also check out your local online listings like craigslist and kijiji and add your sale to their 'garage sale' listings. If you have any big items and electronics, try listing them there first, you may get a better price if you sell it online instead of your driveway.
  • Make getting around your yard or driveway obstructions, and lots of tables for your items. Make sure every item is accessible to the buyer.
  • I don't like sales that have a blanket on the grass and items spread all around, I don't like walking on peoples lawns or bending down.
  • Display items like to like...all jewellery together, rugs, vases, toys etc...
  • Don't forget to leave haggling room in your prices. I haggle all the time, if the seller doesn't want to play the haggling game I don't even play...meaning I won't buy the item. A bit harsh but it offends me when people don't let me haggle, even when I really want that item.
  • Have some baggies for people who buy alot of small items.

  • Start early if you want to find the best stuff, good stuff goes early but you will probably be paying what they asked for it and you don't have much haggling room.
  • Set a budget for yourself and when you reach it have next weekend too.
  • Take small bills and change with you...helps with the haggling process.
  • Also take a baggie for your finds just incase the seller doesn't have bags for your merchandise.
  • Don't buy something for the sake of buying it, you don't want to be a hoarder. If you don't need it maybe someone else does.
  • Make sure what you buy is not broken or ripped.
Have fun.

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