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Sunday, August 19, 2012

How to Make & Apply Paper Mache

Most of my dollhouses I paper mache, to make them stronger and easier to apply paint or wallpaper.
It's a bit messy but I love the end result.
The important part of this process I think is making sure you have lots of layers of cardboard.
At least three, four is better. Because the cardboard gets wet, it will warp and ruin the project.
Best thing to do is do one side of cardboard and then put a fan directly on it till it drys.
The less time the cardboard is wet the better.

Materials Needed: Flour, water and salt.

You have to beat it really hard to get rid of all the lumps for a smooth texture.

Too watery, add more flour.

Perfect, just like I like add about a tablespoon of salt (avoids molding) and mix well.
It usually takes me about 20 minutes to prepare the paper mache mix.

No lumps...keep mixing if there is still lumps.

Now rip up strips of newspaper, don't cut with scissors, rip with your hands. You can also use paper towels, but again no cutting, rip with your hands.

Add some paper mache to the cardboard then add your first strip of newspaper then cover with the paper mache mix, make sure newspaper is all wet.

I only did one layer of paper mache, I know that more than three layers is better but who has the time for that. I have always done only one layer and so far so good...but if you're project is going outside then I would definitely do more layers.

Cool, its the box is ready for me to paint and decorate.

Thank you for viewing my blog. If you're doing any paper mache projects, I would love to see your work and post it here....just send me a picture of when you're done with the paper mache and finished look of your project. Thank you!


  1. Hello from Spain: thanks for sharing that way to make paper mache. I never did. I have to encourage me to do the paper. Keep in touch

  2. WoW Thank you, I needed a tutrial to do paper mache :D



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