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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How to Make a Doll Restaurant - the Walls

My niece's Monster High dolls needed somewhere to hang out and go out on dates. So I made her a restaurant and we're calling it Lola's Bistro. Their grand opening will be next week.

Materials Needed
  • 22" x 14" x !4" cardboard box
  • scraps of cardboard
  • white glue
  • paper mache
  • styrofoam 
  • paint
  • wallpaper
Fold in the flaps of  your box, add more layers of cardboard to all sides, this will make it strong and when you add the paper mache, the cardboard won't warp, warping starts when the cardboard is really wet, so keep a fan on the box and don't make your paper mache mixture too watery.

I added a patio to the restaurant.

I added a back bench for seating in the restaurant.
Styrofoam and a long piece of cardboard for the back of the bench.


Now paper mache all of it.

Urgh, the patio warped...and it warped really bad...not useable, despite my best efforts it still warped, I think it was because it was a long piece of cardboard, I should have broken it up into smaller sections.

I removed the patio by cutting if off with a knife, removed the flooring section and kept the side walls, I still have my patio and actually works out better because this will make it easier to store it. I will post pictures of the patio by the weekend.

 I like to paint everything white, more like a blank slate, then I try to get inspired on how to decorate by the things I find. Not sure what to do yet in this picture.

Then I found this awesome wallpaper. I wanted something simple. We want to hang viewers artwork in the restaurant, so we didn't want it to look too busy. We want the art to stand out.

Check out my post on the floors. I didn't paint it this time, I .... I'll tell you later :)
Got to go now, back to my real job.

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Ginger :)


  1. Hello from Spain: this restaurant is a great job. All your work is inspiring to me. I want to you can win the contest of the houses. Your alerts so that I can vote you. . Keep in touch

  2. How many layers of cardboard you put to the restaurant?



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