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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More Bling to Rooms

The Monster High school house I made is still a work in progress, I will keep adding or taking away stuff as I am finding new things. The doll dressing screen I made for one of the dorm rooms was lacking something, I always wanted to add this chain to it, but never got around to it, but I finally did, it looks so much better. This room is going to go through more changes because there will probably be new students coming after Christmas, I have a feeling my niece will be getting more dolls and they need a place to sleep. I don't want to make another dorm room, so I'm replacing the single beds with bunk beds.

Check out 'our little shop' if you want to buy a bunk bed for your dolls.

I love how the dressing screen turned out, I also added more bling to the lamps 
and lighting fixture on ceiling. 

This is Operetta and Spectra's room, I don't think they will like the idea of getting new bunk beds, 
but what can you do?

Rochelle and Lagoona's room just need a little more bling, the cork board was looking kind of drab, 
so I added the bling around it.

That's it for now, I am decorating the house and restaurant for Christmas, 
I will have pictures and a post soon. 

Send us pictures of your dollhouses and doll crafts, we would love to share them with our readers.



  1. Hello from Spain: I am sure that new students will be very comfortable in this room. It is a very nice and comfortable. Keep in touch

  2. I love the house!! :) where did you find the things because I want to make one for my littlest pet shop toys

    1. its mostly cardboard, just look for stuff around the house...

  3. Ps plz reply! :)

  4. Happy new years! x)



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