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Friday, December 7, 2012

Our Little Shop Now Open...

Hi everyone, I have made quite a few changes on our blog this past week. We have tabs with lots of pictures of my dollhouses and furniture. I am going to keep adding pictures so keep coming back. Better yet subscribe or join our blog.

We have opened up a new shop...please check out the tabs above...we only have a few items, we're checking out to see what happens and will add more if things go well. We are offering free shipping for a limited time, so place your orders now :)

We also want you to send us pics of your dollhouses and doll fashions, we would love to share them with our viewers.

Please don't forget to vote for us :)  see top right icons...there's 2...Thanks so much :)

I am planning on a couple projects this weekend, I think I need a new light box, the one I made is just too small...I will pass by grocery store tomorrow to see what boxes they have, if they don't have the size I want, I 'll have to go buy one from the packaging company I go to. Then off to dollar store for white bristol board for the light box, I use tissue paper, but I think I have enough of it for the box.

It's time for a new one, not just because of the size. The tissue on top is ripped and the white bristol board has a few marks on it...I think I'm going to make it a little different so I will post about it.

So please check out my little shop and tell me what you think, for example what would you like to see in the shop. Keep in mind dolls are not included.

Thank you...have a great night!


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