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Sunday, January 6, 2013

How to Make a Boy Doll Dorm Room

Hi everyone.

We hope you are all doing well, I want to welcome our new subscribers and members, thank you so much for joining or subscribing. Now you will be entered in all future giveaways and of course the big doll giveaway we're doing right now. We are so excited about giving these dolls away. We love you all so much we wish we had a thousand dolls to giveaway.

I finished the new dorm room, here is the video tutorial just below.

Please vote for our site on the sidebar before you leave...thank you so much for your votes and comments. You guys rock!

We already have a video on the bunk bed and coffin on our channel and earlier blog posts. We will post about the other furniture on our blogs.

Thank you for watching, sharing, commenting and just being awesome!!!!

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