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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

School House Makeover DORM ROOM 1

Hey everyone, it's Skull Academy's school house one year anniversary this month. Last year at this time I was still working on it...painting and decorating, but I knew it was always going to be a 'work in progress' during this past year there have been many changes. New dorm rooms, new furniture here is some old and new pictures of the school house. Since it is our 'school house' one year anniversary, I mean Lola's 'school house' :) we are putting a few videos together on the school house. I will also post one room at a time on this blog during the next week...did I say it was Skull Academy's one year anniversary? I guess we're milking it...:)

This dormroom is Clawdeen and the Vamp sisters Draculaura and Draculily.
These pictures are older, I have learned a lot this past year about taking photographs and I know there is still so much to know. Plus I really should invest in a better camera. 



I love how it looks now... but I do wish I glued some paper on the walls on the right, I didn't realize I missed it until I was taking the pictures - oh well, now it'll have to wait for our 2nd anniversary. 
This wallpaper is from a dollar store gift bag. That's where I get my room inspiration. I go to the gift bag wall at the dollar store and search around until something hits me...if nothing inspires me, I go to the giftwrap rolls and hope I find something there. 

Almost everything here is made by me...except the art, I found these pictures at the thrift store, I bought them for the frames, I painted the frames silver. I will be changing the art, we want to encourage you to send us pictures of your artwork and we will  remove whats in the frame and add  yours. We have already received some art, I should have changed it out already but we were hoping to get more. So if you want to see your artwork hanging in our school or restaurant during a scene of Skull Academy...start painting...:)

The chandeliers were made using wire and beads. The curtains are chiffon from an old scarf.
The lamp is also wire and beads. The dresser was a find from the thrift store, I painted it silver, then painted black stripes and a black giraffe print on the drawers. The coffins were made with cardboard and paper mache, then adorned with chains and gems stones. All my materials are found either through thrift stores, dollar stores or garage sales, so anyone can make them because it is

Hey, did you know that Draculaura collects Barbie dolls? Do you see it in the picture, top right corner.
They are the mini Polly Pockets....:)

The blankets, pillow and little rug are made by my mom, Lola's grandma. 

You can find tutorials on the furniture you see in this room on our YouTube channel or click on the tab 'tutorials' just below the header to find the videos there. 

I have't done one on the bed yet but will get to it soon.

We want to thank you all for following us, watching our videos and reading our posts. You inspire me to want to keep creating. 

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We don't win anything but its really cool to see our little blog on the list.

We also want to welcome all our new subscribers and friends. Thank you so much for joining our blog.
Please come back often and check out the tabs above, we will be updating with new pictures often.

I don't only love creating doll houses and doll crafts, I love seeing others works as well, so please send us pictures of your doll stuff and we would love to post it here and share it.

We will be posting about Cleo, Ghoulia and Frankie's dorm room next.

Thank you 




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