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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Monster High School House Dorm Room 3 & Bathroom

Oops almost forgot about my school house room tour posts...I got side tracked with the new episode of Skull Academy and the doll food I made.

Here are pictures of Deuce's and Jacksons dorm room. The room is small so there wasn't much room for anything, just the beds. I should have used a thinner piece of styrofoam but this is all I had. I could have used cardboard but after all that cutting, I just didn't feel like doing anymore cuts. I had this piece of styrofoam, I just had to add some filler at the top and it works.

Here is the finished room. Very simple, the headboards are leather, I wrapped a piece of leather around some cardboard, the bed itself is made with cardboard and sponges, I keep saying I'm going to do a video tutorial because so many of our viewers have asked...but then things get busy and I forget until I write a post about it. I will get to it one's on my 'to do' list...

The corkboard was made from a cork coaster I got from the dollar store, I painted it silver.
I'm all about black, white and silver. The lamp was made with beads, hard stock and some chain.

The night table is a square building block, and a clothes hanger clip I took a part. The curtains are from Lola's old halloween costume. The bedspreads are crocheted by my mom, Lola's grandma.

I made the chandeliers with wire and beads.

The bathroom, the heart of this room is the tub, it was a great find from the thrift store and best of all it was free! There is a leg missing. The toilet is a piece of styroam I shaped then paper mached it with the toilet seat and cover...on the right of the toilet is the toilet paper roll. The sink the sink is a shot glass, I got a piece of styrofoam, carved out a whole for the glass, then paper mached the vanity. The curtains are material from an old umbrella, ok maybe the umbrella wasn't old, but I liked the material.

The bottom half of the wall are invitation cards I found at the dollar store, I cut them and glued them to the wall. The art is also found at the thrift store. I would love to replace the picture with art send in by you our viewers. So send us a scan of your art work preferably paintings with a lot of colour...and we will display your art in our school. You can see your art hanging on our walls while watching our show.

Ok, so thats another two rooms down. Thank you for stopping by. Please vote for our blog for top 100 doll sites. Thank you so much to those of you who have and who also leave comments. You guys are awesome!


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