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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Plants for Doll Restaurant

Hey everyone, I hope you'are all doing well.

I realized that all the projects I do, are not ever really going to be 'finished'...not until I actually hand them over to my niece but for now they are all in my possession, because of the MH show we do on our YouTube channel... whenever I look at them I think, how can I make it better... well for the restaurant below it was adding more plants... so I made these for the restaurant and now I'm sharing it with you.

I used small clay pots I found at a gargage sale last year, 
some Christmas garland and play doh. First I painted the clay pots.

Then I grabbed a chunk of play doh and shaped into a ball...

Then I put the play doh inside the pot and that will hold the green plant.

I cut some of the leaves off the bottom so I can push it through the play doh easier.

After you have all your stems in, trim it a bit so it won't look so messy.

Looks so much better. 

Please send us scans of your paintings for our dollhouse and restaurant walls. We are not looking for anything doll related just art...could be self portraits, abstract, scenery etc...anything you like.

I am also thinking of changing the wallpaper but not sure if I should. I would actually love to remove the back bench and just add tables on that side of the wall, I love how it looks now, but after shooting a couple of episodes for the Skull Academy show on our YouTube channel :) I think it would be a lot easier to shoot the scenes if the dolls were sitting sideways. I don't know, maybe I'll just leave it. I have been trying to find some new wallpaper (aka giftwrap paper) I bought the gift bag below, because I liked how it matchs the fabric but I don't know if it will look better on video and I'm not really sold on it, tell me what you think, do you like it or should I keep looking.

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  1. Love your restaurant. Great idea for the plants. I need to get some new plants. It's on my long to do list. I'm looking forward to going through some of your old posts. They look very interesting. It says that I have subscribed to your channel before, but I don't think I'm getting notified of your posts.

    1. Wow, thank you so much Vanessa, you inspire me so much.
      Are you talking about being a member or subscribing? I don't think that members get notified only subscribers, if you email me your email address I can check, maybe it has to be reset?? or I will have to look at my settings to make sure that my subscribers are getting their emails. Thank you so much :)

  2. Hello from Spain: I really like your plants. I try to copy you. The restaurant is very cool. I like the blank wall. Great job. Keep in touch

    1. Thank you so much Marta, I love your blogs, you do such an amazing job.

  3. Great job on the skull academy episodes I really love them you and Lola are brilliant at the webisodes!:)Ive subscribed to all 3 blogs, and I've made this drawing of Fluttershy off mylittlepony (Im starting to love mlp :D) And Im really pleased with it :D And If you want, i'll send you a picture of it :] But I cant at the moment because Im at a caravan site with my family and i didnt bring the picture :/ DERP. Anyway ive typed lots and by the time you finish reading this,your eyes will fall out! Just kidding.
    Here is my info, if you need to know :D
    Youtube name:MayRothwell
    Thanks for reading!

    1. uh oh, my eyes just popped out and I have to glue them back in :) lol
      thank you so much May, I love getting your comments, it always puts a smile on my face :) now if I can just pop my eyes back in...just kidding :) are sooo funny... I can't wait to see your pics. Have fun with your family. Thank you for writing :)



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