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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How to Make a Dollhouse Baby Crib

Hey everyone, thank you all who voted for my dollhouse, you guys are so awesome. I was told I was in the top 5 but I was hoping that they would tell us exactly where the dollhouses ranked.

Here is a video tutorial on how to make the baby crib. Please watch till the end for 
a short stop motion clip.

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dollhouse contest voting ends Sunday 8pm

Dollhouse Contest

Hey everyone, the dollhouse contest is almost ends tomorrow at 8pm.
Voting was suspended for a day because of a glitch, but everything is ok now so please go to the the site below by clicking the link and vote for 3 of your favourite vote for each house. I hope you will give me 'ginger' one of your votes.  Those of you who have voted already, thank you so much I really appreciate it but you may have to vote again because of the glitch, please visit the site and make sure that the star under the house pic is not there, if it is, you will have to vote again. Thank you so much for your time. I have added a couple of pictures here, you can see more pictures of the inside by clicking my pic on the website below as well as the other houses too.

Please share this with your family and friends so they can vote too.

Thank you :)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Undersized Urbanite 2013: My Entry... Polly House

Whew...finally finished and with only two and a half hours left till deadline.

I started this house a couple of  years ago and thought I would never get it done, I want to thank Christina for having this contest, it gave me the push to finish it finally. I hope you enjoy the pictures and the video below. Please vote for my dollho...I mean my niece's dollhouse... :)

Look there's Polly arriving at her new home.

The house is split in half so it has a lid...
everything on second floor is glued down.

The house is made with cardboard and paper mache.
The roof is blocks of styrofoam, they are the second floor's legs.

Let go inside...

The Kitchen

The fridge is kids building blogs, I painted black and silver and added a handel (old earring). 
The Island is made with cardboard and paper mache. The faucet is a picture hook, the
hot and cold water taps are earring backings. The vase is a bead. The
stove is styrofoam and paper mache. The cupboard, I know I know, I didn't
cut it to straight or hand it straight, and I ran out of material, the black is
from a plastic basket. The back countertops are covered with
shelf paper.

The Dining Room

The dining table and chairs are cardboard and paper mache. 
The wall on the top right had side of picture is a stone wall, 
made with pepples and painted white.

The Living Room

The sofa is made with cardboard and leather from an old purse.
The chair is made with cardboard and paper mache.
The coffee table and table under tv is made with pieces of wood
I bought from garage sale and wooden beads for legs.

The shelves are also made with pieces of wood blocks and 
beads, I painted them black and silver.

The Office

The office furniture was the first pieces I made for the house,
the sofa is a miniature replica of George Nelson's Marshmallow sofa.
The desk made with skewers and wooden sticks. The Chair with
cardboard and not real leather .


There is lots of storage under the stairs and rooms have
closets for storage as well.

The Second Floor

When the two piece's are together the entryway for the second floor
lines up with the stairs.

Let's see whats upstairs...

The Master Bedroom

The base of the bed is made with cardboard and paper mache.
The headboard is a piece of cardboard and I glued some coffee stir
sticks and piece of wood and made a pattern.
The dresser is a kids building block and I added some handles. 

The night table is a piece of wood on top of some legos.
The lamp is made with a nail, beads and ribbon.

The little bench is made with some wood pieces from a dinner placemat.
The legs are wooden beads.

The mattress is a piece of sponge covered with fabric.
The wallpaper is from a gift bag.

The Teenagers Room

The bed base is made with cardboard and paper mache.
The headboard is made with coffee stir sticks. The shelves are also made
with coffee stir stick. The dresser is made with building blocks. The
desk chair is a wooden dresser handle.

The lamp is made with three different beads.
The desk is made with cardboard and coffee stir sticks.

The Little Girls Room

The Baby's Room

The chair is styrofoam and paper mache, the seat cushion
is a piece of cardboard covered with jeans materials.
Yes those are buttons on the wall.

The crib I think is my favourite piece.
I made it with cardboard, paper mache and skewers.

The dresser was made quickly using big craft sticks.

The Bathroom


The vanity is made with pieces of wood. The sink is a
bottle water lid painted white. The toilet is a big wooden bead
and a thing a majing... I don't remember where I got the toilet lid
piece from. The tub was made when the house was made...its
stuck to the house. 

Well that's it...the house I started making for my niece
is finally finished...I hope you have all enjoyed the pictures
and that you will give us one of your votes.

Check out the video here:

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