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Sunday, April 15, 2012

How to Make Dollhouse Front Door

Hi, how is everyone...thank you for stopping by and checking out my dollhouses. I'm back at working on this Bigger Polly Pocket house...still have quite a bit to go, all the details...the most important part...

Below is my tutorial for the front door...had some mishaps, I should really spend more time on measuring and cutting it right. 

Materials Needed:
Popsicle Sticks
Craft Sticks
Coffee Stir Sticks
Clear Plastic - for window

Before I finished adding all the craft sticks, I measured it against the dollhouse opening and dag nammit...
it didn't fit and was way off...

So instead of starting over with a new piece of cardboard, I decided to just rip off the sticks...
one reason...I didn't have many popsicle sticks left, not enough to make another door, and the craft sticks were too I ripped off the sticks...not too carefully - because it was already pretty late.... cut down the sticks a bit so it would fit and started again...

Now start painting your door

I didn't take any more pictures...sorry.
I made 2 holes in the dollhouse wall to feed the wire through and I haven't glued it down yet... 
I have to fix the wall since I sliced a bit of it off to fit the door in...I rather fix the wall with paper mache and paint instead of starting the door over again. I also glued a piece of clear plastic to the door to mimic a window.

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