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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How to Make Photo Light Box

I was getting frustrated working on my furniture and accessories for the dollhouse, taking pictures as I go along so I can share it with you and my YouTube channel, but the pictures were never good enough, or like the many pictures I have seen on other blogs. I even got two pieces of white canvas, got the light to shine on the item, take my pictures and crap...bad lighting, shadows, just not appealing, and after working on the item for many hours, it was really getting to me. 

So I started a google search 'how to take better pictures' and all these tutorials for this light box was coming up, so I watched all of them and I realized I was doing everything wrong. So I decided to make my own light box and I am so glad I did. I wish I could re-take all the pictures again, but who has time for that.

Below is a tutorial on how to make a light box the thrifty way. If you want to go all out, buy muslim instead of using tissue paper, it will be easier to work with to.

Materials needed:
cardboard box (packing company $2)
white duct tape (Dollarama 2 x $1)
bristol board (Dollarama $.50)
light bulb - daylight - full spectrum (found it at Dollarama for only $2 gotta love the dollar store)
saw bulbs at other stores for $10 I'll say it again - gotta love the dollar store
White tissue paper (Dollarama $1) you can also use tracing paper or muslin for all you big spenders ripped...tissue paper, this is why it's better to use muslin...if it happens one more time... I'm buying the muslim, but I did get all the tissue on there without tearing it again, just have to be careful when I store it.


Wow, what a difference. The after pictures definitely look better than the before, but I'm thinking shouldn't the background be alot whiter?? I think the picutres look so much better then before and I am fine with it. 

Could be the $2 bulb???
Can anyone shed any light on this..forgive the pun.

I can't wait for my next doll house project so I can take pictures in my new light box. 
Hopefully it will be this weekend. 

Thank you for visiting. Send me your comments, what do you think of the before and after.

Have a great week!
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  1. don't say that about muslims rude!!! thats not even funny

  2. ugh "ignorant people" !!!!

  3. oops, it was a spelling error...relax!

  4. was an honest mistake, now you're being ignorant!



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