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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Monster High Doll Skull Academy Spiral Staircase

YouTube Viewer Request - this is for you Froggirl.
Froggirl is also building her own Monster High house, she asked about the stairs.
So here is a few pictures so you can get a better look at it without the paint. Don't forget to fill the gift wrap tube with newspapers to make it stronger. The dolls don't fit well going up the make it work I think the stairs should be further apart.  Keep me posted on your progress.


  1. Please could you tell me how to make one of those dolls house for my daughter. She loves monster high dolls and her wanted a house up so I thought I would make a doll house for her. she would be so happy if she got one of them beautiful houses. please get back to me soon

  2. Hey can you show me how to make the monster high doll house it looks very weep done

  3. That looks really good I think I want to make it can u show me how to make one please I really want. To make one

  4. Hi...thank you for your comments.
    I am going to start working on a room box to add to the house...a dorm for 3 new dolls my niece got.
    I am going to take lots and lots of pictures, back when I was building my house - last year I wasn't thinking about YouTube and a what was I thinking...I love sharing and helping people with their doll homes.

    So give me about a week and I will show you how to make the house in more make the house of course you have to buy 5 cardboard boxes...I used size 22 x 14 x 14.

    I will probably not be making the stairs again..sorry, it took so much time, the end result was great but just not doing it again, there is some pics and video on it, sorry again I didn't take more pictures...I'm kicking myself now too.

    Have you seen our YouTube channel, we have a new show called 'skull academy' and its getting alot of great comments.

    channel: gingerlola2011

    Thank you!

  5. Hi I was wondering if you could put how to make the Polly pocket house in detail for me so I can make one for my younger sister?

    1. Hi, are you talking about the new bigger polly pocket house that i just applied wood floors too, popsicle sticks? I will put something together and make a video tutorial...give me a week. Thank you.



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