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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fashion Show...

Here is a few new fashions that the characters of Skull Academy are wearing.

We are making up some outfits for our next giveaway. More information coming soon, so don't forget to subscribe or join my blog.

Barbie, we're calling her Lola, is the owner of Lola's Bistro. We tried to make her more vampy with a black magic marker awhile ago but it didn't go well, if anyone has any tips on how I can remove it, please let me know.

This time instead of using velcro to fasten the skirt from the back, I just glued it to her, not to the doll. We don't change the doll clothes often so why not, when we get bored, I'll just cut it off. Using the hot glue and velcro, worked for a little while but then it started falling apart. I really need to take some sewing classes and buy a sewing machine, I enjoy making the clothes.

I wrapped a ribbon around the legs to mimic shoes. I'm going to try making doll shoes using play doh, not sure how it's going to turn out, I will post the process here once I find time to make them.

I did the same thing with Cleo's outfit, just glued it on, I added a leather belt with a chain that I made.

I made Draculaura's outfit a little different, the top is glued together and can only be removed by cutting it off. I love how the skirt turned out and we can actually remove it when we want to... I made the skirt by cutting up a chiffon scarf that I had, into roughly 4 x .5" strips and tied it to an elastic band. I will post a tutorial soon on how to make it, it was really easy and no sew and no glue.

Nefera's outfit was made the same way, the skirt is glued on, I'm not happy how the top turned out, the leather is stiff, so I will be changing that soon.

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