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Monday, April 29, 2013

Only 6 days until deadline...yikes!

Uh oh, only 6 days until the dollhouse contest deadline...I'm starting to panic. I did make some progress this weekend but not enough I think. I am still kicking myself for leaving this for the last minute. Below are pictures of what the rooms look like now, I have dressed them up a bit but still not sure how to finish them off. I pulled all my supplies from my shelf and laid it in front of me to figure out what to do.

I got a lot of these items from garage sales, the building blocks in the tray has be my
my favourite find...I made a lot of doll stuff using the blocks and now my supply is running low.

The kitchen is still not done, but at least I figured out what to do about
the fridge, I got a few building blocks and it works perfectly...whew, I thought
I was going to have to make something scratch. I'm think black cabinets, I have
a black plastic basket that is broken and I thought these would be
perfect for cabinets...I just hope its easy to cut and won't crack. I want to magnetize the
back so the cabinets can open, using the black plastic will hide the magnet.

I made shelves, table under tv, tv used to be the coffee table
but I wasn't happy with it, it was too dark with the couch, so I made another one
and I love it. I think there is too much birch-like furniture so I'm thinking
of painting shelves black with silver feet.  I definitely need an area rug too.

My favourite piece this weekend has to be the baby's still not finished, I have
to paper mache the bottom, paint it, then add some feet to it.

The bathroom...mmm...have no idea what to do with it...
not sure if I should paint the vanity...but then there will be too much white...
should I add wallpaper, I don't have anything right now that will look 
good in there...not sure what colour to paint it...urgh, oh yah and
I still need to make a toilet....lots of late nights this week.

All the furniture for the bedrooms is built, I just have to paint it, except the beds, 
I need to paper mache the bottoms. 

I love how the headboard turned out.

I would love to have curtains too but not sure if I'll have time.

Please tell me what you think so far. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

How to Make Bunk Beds for Dolls

Hey everyone, I am re-doing a few tutorial videos and adding my voice to it. Both the paper mache and popsicle stick beds are in the video plus a new stop motion clip. 

Please share, comment & rate our videos. Thank you!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Undersized Urbanite Dollhouse Contest deadline...yikes

Oh no, the Undersized Urbanite Dollhouse contest deadline is May 4....and I haven't even started working on it. It's almost finished, well not almost, I need to finish the kitchen and bathroom. I have an idea of what I want it to look like and because the deadline is so close, there is no room for mistakes. Here are a few pictures of what it looks like now...yikes, looking at these pictures makes me realize I still have a lot to do.

The Second Floor
For the upstairs I still need to finish the bathroom, I need a vanity and toilet, plus accessories. All the bedrooms need furniture and closet doors.  Four bedrooms, yikes...why did I wait till the last moment...?

The Main Floor

I need to finish the kitchen, I'm thinking of spreading some modeling clay on the top, 
so it will look like cement counter top, and for the cabinets maybe use
some white plastic??? Not sure what to do about the fridge, I already made
one and didn't like how it turned out so I ripped it out. Yikes, maybe instead of
writing this post I should be working on it...mmm

Everything else on the first floor is almost done, just need some more detail. 
There is a piece of fabric on the floor I'm using as a rug because there are a
few spots that don't look very good, I don't think I'll have time to 
fix it, I need to sand it down and stain it again.

The office just needs a few accessories and I'm calling it done.

Plus I have to do all the gardening outside....yikes, there is so much to do.
I don't regret joining the contest, I'm actually glad I did, I don't think I would 
finish this house unless I was pushed. I do love how its turning out, 
it is my favourite dollhouse, and it would be a shame not to finish it.

My competition is big, lots of the homes are made out of wood and the detail is amazing.
I like to make my dollhouses from scratch, and I mean everything from scratch. There is 
a couple of items that I have bought, but I made everything else, including 
the house. 

I hope you will all vote for me, I think viewers will get 3 votes.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I will keep you posted on my progress...

Tell me what you think of the new blog you like it?

Monday, April 15, 2013

Visit Our New Etsy Shop

Hey everyone, I am so excited, I just opened up a shop at  where I can sell all items you see in our videos and blogs. If there is something you want to see in our shop, let us know and we will post it for you. Please take a few minutes and visit the shop. 

Thank you 


Friday, April 12, 2013

Draculaura's New Dress

Hey everyone, I hope you're all doing well. Today I am going to post a little bit about fashion, little meaning doll dress. I transformed Frankie's old dress into something new for Draculaura. It was very simple.
I took some before pictures but after transferring them into my computer, I haven't been able to locate them in my files, I have no idea where I saved them, I thought my files were organized but it turns out they are not. So I grabbed a picture off the internet for the before shot.

I removed the tie and the belt and added some bling.



 What do you think of Draculaura's new look?

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Plants for Doll Restaurant

Hey everyone, I hope you'are all doing well.

I realized that all the projects I do, are not ever really going to be 'finished'...not until I actually hand them over to my niece but for now they are all in my possession, because of the MH show we do on our YouTube channel... whenever I look at them I think, how can I make it better... well for the restaurant below it was adding more plants... so I made these for the restaurant and now I'm sharing it with you.

I used small clay pots I found at a gargage sale last year, 
some Christmas garland and play doh. First I painted the clay pots.

Then I grabbed a chunk of play doh and shaped into a ball...

Then I put the play doh inside the pot and that will hold the green plant.

I cut some of the leaves off the bottom so I can push it through the play doh easier.

After you have all your stems in, trim it a bit so it won't look so messy.

Looks so much better. 

Please send us scans of your paintings for our dollhouse and restaurant walls. We are not looking for anything doll related just art...could be self portraits, abstract, scenery etc...anything you like.

I am also thinking of changing the wallpaper but not sure if I should. I would actually love to remove the back bench and just add tables on that side of the wall, I love how it looks now, but after shooting a couple of episodes for the Skull Academy show on our YouTube channel :) I think it would be a lot easier to shoot the scenes if the dolls were sitting sideways. I don't know, maybe I'll just leave it. I have been trying to find some new wallpaper (aka giftwrap paper) I bought the gift bag below, because I liked how it matchs the fabric but I don't know if it will look better on video and I'm not really sold on it, tell me what you think, do you like it or should I keep looking.

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Monday, April 8, 2013

How to Make a Doll Classroom

Hey everyone, I did it, I finally spoke in one of my how to videos, eek, do I sound weird :)
I think I sound weird... :)

I can't believe I didn't do this sooner, show you how to have the classroom without having to build the whole school house. Here is the video plus more pictures below...the student desk part could be confusing, I didn't take that many pictures when I made this a year ago, please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for watching and subscribing. Please vote for our site for top 100 doll sites on the right hand side before you leave, I want to thank all of you who left awesome comments on our the site, thank you to Clarisa, MayRothwell, Hunger (girl), theUltimateMHfan, Yarianne, Kiddiss and all of you, thank you so much, you guys are sooooo awesome. I love getting these comments and it gives me an idea, I also love giving all of you more chances of winning our prizes for our giveway, so if you want your name entered 5 more times in our doll food giveaway, vote for our site, leave a comment and please don't forget to include your YouTube name or email address so I know what name to enter in the draw. We also have our other two blogs on the site, and those count too, so you could have your name entered 15 more times in our draw, how cool is that!  How cool would it be to have our three blogs in the top 3, we're not greedy, top 10 is fine with me :) 



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