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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Only 3 Days Left Dollhouse Contest Deadline

Only 3 days and 19 hours left before deadline...should I panic.
I keep adding items to the to do list, like painting the whole house.
I started this house a couple of years ago so the walls definitely
needed another coat. Don't have much time left so I have to remove
some items off the to do list like the closet doors, I'm going to 
have to do something temporary, maybe magnets...or
if I have to, I'll glue them to closet then work on it another day.
I would like to show the closet space and that
the doors will slide open...:( but no time now.

I also had to build more furniture.

Ok, what the hec am I doing here now, I should be working on it...
or going to bed, too many late night this week working on the house, 
but I want to finish the paper mache on these chairs because they have to dry
before I paint them tomorrow night....yikes only 2 more 
nights left to go...ok got to go, wish me luck.

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